GoodReader 4.3.0 (iPhone/iPad) Auto Sync機能での”WiFi only”オプション追加

GoodReader 4

iOS端末向けの多機能なPDFビューアアプリ「GoodReader 4」が 4.3.0 にアップデートされました。

価格: 700円(2014年8月5日時点)
販売元: Yuri Selukoff
© Yuri Selukoff, 2009-2014. All rights reserved.

■GoodReader 4.3.0 (iPhone/iPad) – 2014/06/04

  • “WiFi only” option for scheduled Auto Sync in app settings


  • Auto Sync can now be executed in the background. You can continue reading your documents while the sync engine is working quietly behind the scenes.
  • Auto Sync can now be scheduled for automatic periodical execution, without having to press the Sync button manually

GoodReader - AutoSync

GoodReader 4

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Bjango、最新版「iStat Menus 5」リリース (OS X 10.8〜対応)

iStat Menus 5

メニューバーの機能拡張を行うMac向けアプリの最新版「iStat Menus 5」が公開されました。
動作環境は、OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)〜。Mavericks (10.9) 対応済み。
この秋公開予定で、現在パブリックベータ版のYosemite (10.10)にも対応しているようですね。

 シングルライセンス(1台) $16、ファミリーパック(3台) $24

iStat Menus 3または4からのアップグレード:
 シングルライセンス(1台) $9.99、ファミリーパック(5台) $14.99

■iStat Menus 5.0 – 2014/08/05

  • General
    [Added] support for Yosemite’s dark menu bar mode.
    [Added] a new dark theme for menubar graphs.
    [Added] many localisations for menubar extras.
    [Added] the ability to import and export settings.
    [Improved] process names.
    [Improved] process display by combining child processes with parent process.
    [Improved] and reduced padding at the top and bottom of all dropdown menus.
  • Network
    [Improved] application bandwidth monitoring.
    [Added] application upload stats to network extra.
    [Added] DNS, router address and subnet mask info to network dropdown.
    [Added] Wi-Fi connection info to network dropdown.
    [Added] Wi-Fi power toggle to network dropdown.
    [Added] a network status menubar option.
    [Added] a DHCP refresh button to network dropdown.
    [Added] ability to hide individual network connections.
    [Added] option to hide IPv6 addresses.
    [Added] option to only show the first IP for each connection in the main menu.
  • Memory
    [Added] option to show per-app memory usage as a percentage of total memory.
    [Added] support for compressed memory (Mavericks and Yosemite only).
    [Added] support for displaying memory usage as “pressure” (Mavericks and Yosemite only).
    [Added] swap memory history graphs.
    [Added] page in and page out history graphs.
    [Improved] per-app memory usage to match activity monitor in Mavericks/Yosemite.
  • CPU & GPU
    [Added] option to show per-app CPU usage as 0-100% (instead of 0-400% for a 4 core Mac).
    [Added] option to combine logical (Hyper-Threading) cores with parent physical core.
    [Added] a load average menubar option.
    [Added] GPU processor and memory history graphs (on supported models).
    [Improved] load average graph interface.
    [Added] active GPU menubar item.
  • Disks
    [Added] per-app disk activity to Disks extra.
    [Added] new display options for Disks dropdown.
    [Improved] free disk space info. It no longer includes local time machine backups.
    [Added] disk activity text menubar display mode.
    [Added] ability to hide individual disks.
    [Added] graph type option for disk activity graphs.
    [Improved] RAID support.
    [Improved] support for fusion disks.
  • Sensors
    [Added] option to turn fan control off.
    [Improved] sensors graph interface.
    [Improved] display of sensors with long names.
    [Added] ability to hide individual sensors.
    [Improved] sensor history graphs.
  • Battery
    [Improved] low battery warnings. They are now shown using Notification Center alerts.
    [Added] ability to create custom battery notifications.
    [Added] battery history graphs.
    [Added] a list of process using significant energy to the battery dropdown.
    [Added] new battery stats.
  • Time
    [Added] option to disable calendar.
    [Added] option to choose week number format.
    [Added] a smaller city display mode (version 4 style with clock face is available as an option).
    [Improved] city database with over 120,000 cities (some cities may need to be added again after updating to version 5).
    [Added] short timezone date format option.
    [Added] st/nd/rd/th date format option.
    [Added] a sunlight map to city submenus.
    [Added] additional sun information to city submenus.
    [Added] night time clock faces in dropdown.
    [Added] ability to shift click the calendar arrows to change between years.

なお、旧バージョンになる 4.x は7月末に公開された 4.22 が最新です。最近発売されたばかりのiMacに対応。

Bjango – iStat Menus

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ソニー、リモコン&テレビ番組表アプリ「TV SideView」で110度CSにも対応

TV SideVew

ソニーのリモコン&テレビ番組表アプリiOS版「TV SideShow」が 2.6.1 にアップデートされ、従来の地上波デジタルやBSデジタルに加えて、110度CSデジタル放送番組表にも対応しました。

■TV SideView 2.6.1 (iPhone/iPad) – 2014/08/05
– 110度CSデジタル放送に対応しました。

リモコン&テレビ番組表:TV SideView by ソニー
ソニー – TV SideShow

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