Bluetooth SIG、最新「Bluetooth 4.2」発表


Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG)は12月4日、Bluetooth無線技術の最新コア仕様「Bluetooth 4.2」を策定したと発表した。

「IoT(Internet of Things)のための無線規格」と紹介されているように、新しい仕様では、プライバシー保護の強化や、Bluetooth Smart対応機器同士の接続でのデータ転送速度高速化(従来比約2.5倍)、そして20014年末策定予定の新プロファイル「Internet Protocol Support Profile (IPSP)」により、各種センサーをIPv6/6LoWPANを介してインターネットに直接接続できるようになるそうです。

 参考: TI – ワイヤレス・コネクティビティ – 6LoWPAN

  • Privacy and Security:
    Bluetooth 4.2 introduces industry-leading privacy settings that lowers power consumption and builds upon the government-grade security features of the Bluetooth specification. The new privacy features put control back into the hands of the consumer by making it difficult for eavesdroppers to track a device through its Bluetooth connection without permission. For example, when shopping in a retail store with beacons, unless you’ve enabled permission for the beacon to engage with your device, you can’t be tracked.

    Bluetooth - Security Privacy
  • Speed
    Bluetooth 4.2 increases the speed and reliability of data transfers between Bluetooth Smart devices. By increasing the capacity of Bluetooth Smart packets, devices transfer data up to 2.5 times faster than with previous versions. Increased data transfer speeds and packet capacity reduces the opportunity for transmission errors to occur and reduces battery consumption, resulting in a more efficient connection.

    Bluetooth 4.2 - Speed
  • Internet Connectivity
    Building on the capabilities released earlier with Bluetooth 4.1 and the new features released in 4.2, the Internet Protocol Support Profile (IPSP) will allow Bluetooth Smart sensors to access the Internet directly via IPv6/6LoWPAN. IP connectivity makes it possible to use existing IP infrastructure to manage Bluetooth Smart “edge” devices. This is ideal for connected home scenarios that need both personal and wide area control. This profile will be ratified by the end of the year.

    Bluetooth 4.2 - IoT

Bluetooth SIG – New Bluetooth® Specifications Enable IP Connectivity and Deliver Industry-leading Privacy and Increased Speed
Bluetooth SIG 公式メンバーWebサイト

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VMware Fusion 7.1.0 (Mac)

VMware Fusion 7

VMwareは12月2日(現地時間)、OS X向けのデスクトップ仮想化ソフト最新版「VMware Fusion 7」のメンテナンスリリース 7.1.0 を提供開始しました。
動作環境はOS X Mountain Lion (10.8)以降、OS X Yosemite (10.10)対応済み

VMware Fusion 7およびFusion 7 Proすべてのユーザーに対してアップデート適用推奨。

■VMware Fusion 7.1.0

  • Resolved an issue where the built-in camera would fail to show video in a virtual machine running Windows 7.
  • Resolved an issue with virtual machines running Windows 2000 where resizing the virtual machine window would not resize the desktop within the virtual machine.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could occur when switching between Single Window and Full Screen mode after connecting or disconnecting monitors to your Mac.
  • Fixed an issue where installing VMware Tools on Fedora 21 would fail.
  • Fixed a rare issue where VMware Fusion would not correctly switch to the integrated GPU.
  • Fixed an issue where VMware Fusion running on Mac OS X 10.10 would not properly handle changes to the system audio configuration.
  • Improved the UI for the Connect to Server dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where very small screen updates such as the blinking cursor might not be shown in a virtual machine with both the Accelerate 3D Graphics and the Use full resolution for Retina display checkboxes in the Display settings panel checked.
  • Added support to auto-detect the OS type when creating a virtual machine with the Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO.
  • Fixed a rare crash when starting up a virtual machine with Bluetooth sharing enabled.
  • Improved the performance of some graphics operations on large displays.
  • Fixed a number of issues with keyboard mapping on international keyboards.
  • Fixed an issue with remote virtual machines where a hard disk could not be enlarged.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fusion Start Menu icon in the menu bar is hard to see on Mac OS X 10.10 with the dark menu bar.
  • Added options in the Advanced Settings panel to select the type of power options shown in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the video camera on recent Macs would not work in Windows 7 virtual machines.

VMware Fusion Blog – VMware Fusion 7.1.0 Update (2014/12/02)

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「はやぶさ2」(H-IIロケット26号機) 打ち上げ成功


 →H2Track – online hayabusa2 tracker

2015年に地球スイングバイ実施、長い旅を経て2018年に目標のC型小惑星「1999 JU3」に到着。

ドイツ・フランスの着陸機 (MASCOT) と日本のローバ (MINERVA‐II) により小惑星表面の詳細な観察を行い、タッチダウンで小惑星表面の物質を採取。さらに今回、衝突機で人口クレーターを作って小惑星内部の物質を採取する計画で、小惑星内部からのサンプルリターンも試みられます。


JAXA - はやぶさ2 シーケンス

ぉ、NASA DSN (Deep Space Network) の米GOLDSTONE局と豪CANBERRA局で、はやぶさ2(HYB2)と通信状態になったようです。



JAXA – 小惑星探査機「はやぶさ2」(Hayabusa2)の探査機状態および軌道計算結果について
JAXA – H-IIAロケット26号機による小惑星探査機「はやぶさ2」(Hayabusa2)の打上げ結果について
NEC – JAXAの小惑星探査機「はやぶさ2」の打ち上げについて
ファン!ファン!JAXA! – はやぶさ2 特設サイト

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