GoodReader 4.10.0 (iPhone/iPad)

GoodReader 4

iPhone/iPad向けの多機能なPDFビューアアプリ「GoodReader」4.10.0 がリリースされました。

価格: 500円
販売元: Yuri Selukoff
© Yuri Selukoff, 2009-2014. All rights reserved.

■GoodReader 4.10.0 (iPhone/iPad) – 2015/03/16

Sign PDF documents with precomposed signatures:
– create precomposed signatures for later use on PDFs
– quickly sign PDF documents with just three taps
– use different signatures for different occasions
– protect saved signatures with Touch ID
– your precomposed signatures are stored on a device in an encrypted form, never uploaded anywhere and never backed up with a device backup

Earlier news:
– support for RAR 5 archives
– new file tab operations: duplicate tab, delete file, rename file
– Text-to-speech for PDF and TXT files
– VoiceOver compatibility

GoodReader 4

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みずほ銀行、みずほダイレクト利用者用「ワンタイムパスワードカード」取扱開始 トランザクション認証機能導入

みずほダイレクト ワンタイムパスワードカード





みずほダイレクト - ワンタイムパスワード - トランザクション認証


1. Pay–easy(ペイジー)税金・料金払込みサービスのご利用限度額を変更
2. メール方式ワンタイムパスワードの発行対象取引を拡大


みずほ銀行 – みずほダイレクト[インターネット/モバイルバンキング]で「ワンタイムパスワードカード」の取り扱いを開始しました。 (2015/03/15)
▼みずほ銀行 -

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OsiriX 6.5 (Mac)


Mac OS X向けDICOMビューア「OsiriX」6.5、およびFDA認可版「OsiriX MD」6.5がリリースされました。

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) 以降のIntel Mac環境サポートで、Mavericks (10.9) およびYosemite (10.10)対応。


  • Ultrafast performance
  • Intuitive interactive user interface
  • Exclusive innovative technique for 3D/4D/5D navigation
  • Open platform for development of processing tools
  • The most widely used DICOM viewer in the world
  • More than 50’000 active users, More than 1’000 downloads per day, More than 150’000 hits per day
  • Thanks to all OsiriX users who believe in an open, different and free future in imaging.
  • Developing Swiss Quality DICOM Viewer since 2003

「OsiriX Lite (free 32-bit version)」を無料ダウンロード提供しているほか、「OsiriX (64-bit version)」、臨床医向け「OsiriX MD 64-bit, FDA-Cleared/CE」(約90,500円) が用意されています。

 →OsiriX 6.5 DOWNLOADS

iPhone/iPad向け「OsiriX HD」(5,000円) も販売中。

■OsiriX 6.5 (Mac) – 2015/03/13

  • 34 improvements including:
    – 3D ROI
    – Alpha Angle ROI
    – Unify Patient Identity: Generate new SeriesUID, new InstanceUID
    – Better support of Ultrasound regions for Cardiology
    – Add colors in database
    – Edit Status items, with actions
    – More options in PACS-On-Demand filters preferences
    – Scheduled routing option
    – Populate all Comments field
    – DICOM Standard Supp 172: 32-bit float or 64-bit double PixelData
    – Histogram on 3D objects
    – Database auto-cleaning : delete more studies during night
    – Unify Patient Identity: choose new identity from dropdown list
    – Limit Growing Region to selected ROI
    – DICOM MPEG-4 support
    – Support for DICOM LUT Palettes on 16-bit images
    – Automatically try multiple syntax during C-FIND
    – Checkbox in sources to select multiple sources
    – L-R / S-I angles
  • 22 bugs corrected
  • 11 crashes corrected

OsiriX – OsiriX MD 6.5 and OsiriX 6.5 now available! Validated and certified for OS X 10.10 Yosemite! (Compatible from OS X 10.8 to 10.10)

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