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WordPress 4.8.1 (iPhone/iPad) 新しいビジュアルエディターなど


自分のWordPressブログ/サイトへiPhone/iPadから投稿・管理できる公式iOSアプリ「WordPress for iOS」4.8.1 がリリースされました。
iOS 7〜対応。

価格j: 無料
販売元: Automattic, Inc.
© Automattic Inc

■WordPress 4.8.1 (iPhone/iPad) – 2015/02/26
– WYSIWYG コンテンツ作成ができる新ビジュアルエディター
– 投稿とページ内からの画像編集オプション
– アップロードに失敗した画像の再試行
– サイト管理とアカウント設定を切り離したナビゲーションの更新

WordPress for iOS

WordPress for iOS
WordPress.org Mobile Apps Blog – WordPress for iOS: New Visual Editor & More!

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Cyberduck 4.6 (Mac/Windows)


FTP、SFTP、WebDAV、OpenStack Swift、Amazon S3対応の、オープンソースなファイル転送ソフト「Cyberduck」最新版 4.6 がリリースされました。WebサイトからMac版/Windows版 (寄付受付) をダウンロードできるほか、Mac App Storeで「Cyberduck」(2,400円)を購入できます。

販売元: David Kocher
© 2005-2014 David Kocher

■Cyberduck 4.6 (Mac/Windows) – 2014/11/20

  • [Feature] Support PAC files for proxy configuration (Mac) (#2607)
  • [Feature] Add support for buckets in region eu-central-1 (Frankfurt) (S3) (#8302)
  • [Feature] Support authentication signature version AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 (S3) (#8302)
  • [Feature] Improved error reporting on connection failures
  • [Feature] Verify MD5 checksum for multipart uploads (S3)
  • [Feature] Disabled SSLv3 (HTTP)
  • [Feature] Improved performance downloading and mirroring files
  • [Bugfix] Connecting using authentication with SSH agent (SFTP)
  • [Bugfix] Interoperability with SSH Tectia Server (#8166)
  • [Bugfix] Interoperability with Eucalyptus Object Storage (S3) (#8216)
  • [Bugfix] Reconnect on disconnect (#8205)
  • [Bugfix] Remember last selected directory per bookmark in upload and save panel (#8242)
  • [Bugfix] Edited file with unicode character in parent path does not upload on save (#8244) (Mac)
  • [Bugfix] Repeat failed networking tasks by default (#8237)
  • [Bugfix] Allow connecting to accounts with a multitude of containers (OpenStack Swift) (#8198)

Mac App Store版は、11月21日朝時点では 4.5.2 が最新となっていますが、追って公開される模様。

Cyberduck Blog

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Coda 2.5 (Mac)

Coda 2

シングルウィンドウでHTMLやCSSの編集、FTP転送ができるシンプルなWeb製作環境ソフト「Coda 2.5」がリリースされました。

販売元: Panic, Inc.
© 2012 Panic Inc

新規購入は$99 (9,800円)、2からのアップグレードは無料。
Coda 2.5は直販版のみ提供。

なお、Mac App Store版Coda 2をインストールしている方は、直販版Coda 2.5をMac App Store版とは別の場所で起動し、現れたダイアログに従うことで直販版のシリアル番号がメールで送られるとのことです。

■Coda 2.5 (Mac) – 2014/10/15
Major New Features:

  • Site-Wide Autocomplete. Coda will now index your Local Root and autocomplete your own functions, classes, and variables.
  • Plug-in Manager. Enable, disable, and update your plug-ins via Preferences.
  • Panic Sync. Securely sync your sites, keys, passwords, and more, with other copies of Coda 2.5, Diet Coda 1.6, and Transmit iOS.
  • Indentation Guidelines.
  • CSS Overrides. Open a site in Preview, and override the CSS with your own creation. Super-useful.
  • Fresh UI Update. Yosemite-ready, cleaner, lighter, with new color-coded visual tabs.
  • Sidebar Plug-ins. Plug-ins can now extend Coda’s sidebar, adding limitless new tools with rich user interfaces. Plug-ins can be Cocoa or, now, can be written in HTML/CSS/Javascript!
  • Validator Plug-ins. Plug-ins can now extend Coda’s validator system, add validators for any language you like.
  • Save and Publish. A single keystroke can now do both.
  • Customizable Column Guide.
  • Track External Changes. Publish changed files even when edited outside of Coda, useful for things like SASS.
  • Autocomplete.
    • WordPress and jQuery completions built-in
    • Can now autocomplete Clips
    • 3rd parties can now easily extend autocompletion dictionaries
  • Open Quickly.
    • Search for your functions and variables from the Quick Open window
    • Improved partial matching support
  • French and German Localizations.
  • Improved Performance.
    • Syntax highlighting is anywhere from 400% to 1000% faster
    • Symbol parsing is over 100% faster
    • Improved performance throughout

Hundreds of Fixes and Improvements:

  • The plug-in API as been expanded to include new callbacks and functions
  • Added Paste and Indent for smarter indentation on paste
  • Themes now support text selection and folding bar colors
  • Can now disable Coda Pops in the Preferences
  • For Modes that support it, Coda can now do single line commenting style by selecting Option-Command-/
  • It’s now possible to specify files to exclude/ignore from Publishing
  • It’s now possible to turn off Publishing for sites that don’t use it
  • HSLA support added to the Color pop
  • Colors chosen in the system color picker will now be inserted into the editor
  • Improved CFML / ColdFusion support
  • Improved inline CSS support
  • New sidebar “Edit” mode to make it easier to customize the sidebar
  • Syntax Themes have more options including the ability to change the code folding gutter color
  • Numerous syntax/mode improvements
  • CSS/LESS/SASS: Added @rules highlighting and animatable properties to the attributes list.
  • SASS: Now show placeholder selectors in the sidebar, and highlight @content and !optional keywords.
  • CFML: improved tag highlighting inside of HTML tags and code highlighting inside output variables
  • LESS: global mix-ins now highlight properly and the code navigator supports @imports
  • JS: Method names with curly braces now parsed correctly
  • PHP: Added ‘trait’ as a keyword
  • Objective-J, Perl, Python: improved keyword and function highlighting
  • Improved autocomplete and symbol navigation across the included modes
  • SCM Improvements
  • GIT, fixes for branches with “/“ in the name
  • Improved memory usage with very large SVN repositories
  • Source Control and Publishing sidebar now show file hierarchies
  • Option-clicking a disclosure arrow in Find in Files will now expand or collapse all items
  • Added support for “Live AirPreview” with Diet Coda 1.5
  • Clip placeholders will now always be tabbable, even if you type something else
  • User Agent strings have been updated
  • It’s now possible to provide a custom User Agent
  • Go To Line now remembers your previously entered line
  • Preview no longer processes CSS overrides on every keystroke
  • Live editing CSS is now more reliable (EG: using complex media rules)
  • Previewing CSS files will now show their corresponding index page
  • Terminal now responds to the Text > Encoding menu selection, and properly encodes non-ASCII characters
  • Preview now shows window dimensions to assist with responsive design
  • Go To Line will now accept key presses even while the window is popping open
  • Page Guide added to the Preferences, to draw a guideline at a user-defined column
  • File rules now support Path
  • Skip Files rules now apply to Publishing as well
  • Folders can now be Published
  • Find In Files text fields can now be resized
  • Escape Key will now close a Coda Pop
  • Can now remove color stops in the Gradient Pop
  • Server credentials are now tested and validated automatically when creating a Site
  • Remote document sharing now works more reliably
  • Improved hidden character appearance
  • Improved automatic code formatting
  • Improved block edit while using tabs and spaces
  • Improved support for bidirectional text
  • Find now shows a document looped indicator
  • Can now set the encoding on the Terminal
  • Improved printing options
  • Can now mark folders for publishing
  • Can now reverse publish folders
  • SFTP now supports compression

Panic Blog – Introducing Coda 2.5

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