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Google Earth 6.1 (Windows/Mac/Linux)

地球のあらゆる場所へアクセスして、衛星画像/地図/地形/3D建物などを表示できるGoogle Earthのデスクトップアプリ最新版「Google Earth 6.1 (」がリリースされました。
6.xはMac OS X 10.5以降、IntelMacのみサポート (5.2はInterl/PPC両方対応。Mac OS X 10.4サポート) 。

■What’s new 6.1

  • Easier to use My Places
  • Improved Street View
  • Google Earth Pro:
    – Enhanced print layout
    – Simplified movie maker
    – Expanded data styling
    – Improved networking infrastructure
    – Combined elevation profiles and ruler tool

Google Earth 6.1 now available – time to update and enjoy enhanced Street View and easier My Places! http://t.co/dp10tvlPWed Sep 21 00:05:47 via TweetDeck

Google LatLong Blog – Google Earth 6.1 now available: New features make it easier than ever to explore your world
Google Earth – リリースノート (9月21日現在未掲載)

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MacTubes v3.1 (Mac) WebMや4K2K動画のダウンロード、VoiceOver機能に対応

mametunesさんによる、YouTube動画をデスクトップ上で手軽に視聴・管理するMac OS X用アプリ「MacTubes」が v3.1 にアップデートされました。

YouTube動画視聴や検索、ローカルプレイリスト管理や動画ダウンロードなどを行うMacソフトです。v2.5からYouTube HD(1080p)動画の視聴やダウンロードに対応。
今回のアップデートにより、WebM形式や 4K解像度 (4K2K) 動画のダウンロードが可能になっています。

■What’s new 3.1

  • ダウンロード可能なファイルの一覧表示機能を追加。
  • WebM、オリジナル(4k2k)フォーマットの動画ファイルのダウンロードに対応。
  • Voice Over機能に対応。
  • その他、細かい不具合、未実装の機能を追加。


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Adobe ReaderとAcrobat のセキュリティアップデート (APSB11-24)

8月20日に発表された「APSB11-24: Adobe Reader および Acrobat に関するセキュリティ情報の事前通知」の通り、米Adobe Systemsは9月13日、 Adobe ReaderAdobe Acrobatのセキュリティアップデートをリリースしました。

Windows/Mac版 Adobe Reader X(10.1)以前のバージョン、Windows/Mac版 Adobe Acrobat X(10.1)以前のバージョンなどで見つかった13件のクリティカルなセキュリティ問題を修正するため、該当ユーザー全員のアップデートを推奨しています。

このアップデートにより、Adobe Reader X (10.1) とAdobe Acrobat X (10.1) は 10.1.1 に更新されます。



■What’s new Adobe Reader 10.1.1

  • Acrobat fails to display Rupee symbol.
  • Unable to see the last item in drop down list when navigating through list with down arrow.
  • Custom scan does not work with Acrobat X.
  • Comments and Annotations do not work properly in Workspace launched via Safari on a Mac OS.
  • A signed PDF can cause the viewer in a browser to crash.
  • Submission of signed data in Acrobat X is slow.
  • Unable to input using Japanese IME after using drop box with protected mode.
  • Opening a PDF with “CR” in its name gives an error to accept license after disabling Protected Mode.
  • Closing a form in a browser may cause the browser to hang.
  • Protected mode on XP: IME mode remained Half-alphanumeric mode automatically and cannot change back to Hiragana mode again after move mouse focus from dropdown field to Japanese text filed.
  • Form data cannot be exported to CSV in some cases.
  • Portfolio behavior different from 9.x with respect to coversheets.
    formBridge events not firing in Portfolio loaded within Reader plug-in inside LiveCycle workspace.
  • Touching up text causes ligatures to be dropped.
  • IE 6 crashes with magnifier when filling out a text field of a table in a form.
  • Reader X call to LiveCycle server fails when submitting an authentication call via SOAP.
  • PDFMaker hangs while converting an attached Word file with hidden text to pdf.
  • PDFMaker for Office 2007 duplicates headings when both normal and custom headings exist in the same document.
  • PDFMaker for MS Office 2003: ES2 (LC 9.0) rendition removes spaces between the Kanji character and the English character while converting an MS word file to PDF.
  • PDF was displayed in browser window directly instead of embedded in a ZCI html container when ‘Enable Javascript for this document one time.
  • Acrobat Updater Resets “Adobe PDF” PostScript Printer Driver Instance Settings.
  • The Share Pane has been renamed to “Tools Pane”. The Tools Pane has been renamed to the “Extended Pane” for Adobe Reader (this is only not for Acrobat). This change is designed to facilitate future additions and enhancements to the Tools area.
  • The Welcome screen (with the recent file list) can be disabled via three methods:
  • Improved stability and integration with MS Outlook on 64 bit systems. 8.x products redirect users to Reader 10.x downloads if new updates are available. Note that 8.x will be end-of-lifed in November, 2011.
  • Major changes in the user JavaScript and global variables features as described in the Application Security Guide. If you use these features, you must make changes to your distributed products.

■What’s new Adobe Acrobat 10.1.1

  • This a regular quarterly update with security enhancements, improvements to stability, and bug fixes.

Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) Blog – Security updates released for Adobe Reader and Acrobat (APSB11-24)
Adobe Reader Blog – Adobe Reader and Acrobat X (10.1.1), 9.4.6 and 8.3.1
Adobe Security Bulletins – Security updates available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat

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