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AgileBits、Mac App Storeで「1Password for Mac」6.2 公開

1Password for Mac

Webサービスのアカウント/パスワードやアプリのライセンス番号などをまとめて安全に管理できる「1Password」のMac向け「1Password 6」最新版 6.2 がMac App Storeで配信開始されました。


 価格: 7,800円 (※Mac App Store版 掲載時)
 販売元: AgileBits Inc. Copyright
 © 2005-16 AgileBits Inc.

■1Password 6.2 for Mac

The New Tricks Edition

You know what they say. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can teach password managers new things.” We totally agree with that last part. Over the years, we’ve released many dozens of new versions, hundreds of betas, and approximately a gazillion improvements! That’s a lot of changes, and we’re not about to stop now. Without further ado, we present 1Password 6.2 for Mac: The New Tricks Edition.

== More studying, bigger brain ==
Some of the coolest tricks 1Password performs, like automatically saving Logins or filling information on websites, come from the browser extension and the brain that powers it. Every once in a while the brain would come across a website it just didn’t understand. That’s when 1Password wouldn’t fill your information accurately. In an effort to improve, the brain sat down and studied all sorts of websites, and now its guesses are more educated than ever. As an added bonus, 1Password will now try to automatically name the Logins it creates.

== First-class importing ==
Thanks to 1Password for Teams and Families, this is the sweetest time to try 1Password, especially if you’ve been using something else to safeguard your digital life. Our latest upgrades to the importer make it super simple to import your information from another application.

1Password 6.2 for Mac

1Password 6 for Mac
AgileBits Blog – 1Password 6.2 for Mac: The New Tricks Edition (2016/04/04)

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Priime for iPhone 2.0 (iPhone/iPad) 次世代フォトエディタアプリがメジャーアップデート

Priime for iOS

様々なプロフォトグラファーがフィルターを提供している、高機能なフォトエディタiPhoneアプリ「Priime」2.0 がリリースされました。

価格: 本体無料 + フィルター 0円または120円、フルセット1,200円
販売元: Priime, Inc.
© 2015 Priime, Inc.


Priime for iPhone:
– Photo filters: Apply professional-grade photo filters, which are created in collaboration with world’s top photographers in the form of their photographic styles
– Photo filter suggestions: Smart style recommendations based on photographic properties, like colors and contents
– Copy and paste: Copy your edits from a single photo, to many other photos all at once
– Editing tools: Modern, beautiful tools to fine tune and polish your photos
– Highest quality photos: Non-destructive, max-resolution editing up to 36 megapixels or higher
– History: Visual undo with a full edit history

Priime for iPhone フィルター

あわせて、カメラ~メーカー各社RAWファイルの編集をサポートしているMac版「Priime Styles」1.0が同日にMac App Storeに登場。

Priime Styles for Mac

■Priime Styles for Mac:
– Featuring over 100 photo styles: Apply professional-grade photo styles (also known as presets or filters), which are created in collaboration with the world’s top photographers in the form of their photographic styles. All styles are already bundled with the app purchase!
– Full pixel resolution / max quality photo saving
– Standalone: Works without requiring any other programs to add a style to one or many photos all at once.
– Photos.app: Elegant integration into the Photos.app’s editing flow, saving back non-destructive max resolution photos. Happily works with iCloud as well.
– Lightroom: Total integration with Lightroom photo catalogs. Edit any type of supported photo using your existing catalog, straight from Lightroom. Priime isn’t simply a preset, but a whole new powerful tool that integrates into the flow of Lightroom as an external editor, while maintaining the organization of your Lightroom catalog.
– Batch editing: To create a consistent style across your photos, editing multiple photos in a batch is available to quickly apply styles to any number of different photos all at once, whether as a standalone app or by selecting multiple photos within a Lightroom catalog and using Priime as an integrated external editor.
– Big picture workflow: The explore feature of the app allows you to preview your photo as a grid, already pre-edited with all the styles. This new workflow allows you to easily select the look you want, without having to tap through every single option.

Supported photo formats:
ARW – Sony
CRW – Canon
CR2 – Canon
NEF – Nikon RAW
ORF – Olympus RAW
RAF – Fuji RAW
MRW – Minolta RAW
DCR – Kodak RAW
DNG – Adobe / Leica RAW

Priime for iPhone
Priime Styles for Mac
Priime Blog – Priime 2.0: What’s New (2016/03/31)
Priime Blog – Introducing Priime Styles for Mac (2016/03/31)

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Oracle、Java SE 8 Update 77 (8u77) 公開 CVE-2016-0636 問題でセキュリティアップデート

米Oracleは3月23日(現地時間)、セキュリティアラート CVE-2016-0636 を発表しました。

影響を受ける環境は以下すべてのプラットフォーム版のJava SE 7/8になりますので、早めにアップデートを。


Oracle Java SE 7 Update 97, and 8 Update 73 and 74 for Windows, Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS X are affected.

Java 8リリースのハイライト

Java 8 Updadte 7 (8u77)

  • Javaの有効期限
    8u77の有効期限は、2016年4月19日です。セキュリティ上の脆弱性の修正を含む新しいリリースが入手可能になると、Javaの有効期限が切れます。Oracle Serverに到達できないシステムの場合、セカンダリ・メカニズムにより、このJRE(バージョン8u77)は2016年5月19日に有効期限が切れます。いずれかの条件(新規リリースが入手可能になるか、有効期限に到達する)が一致した場合、Javaは新しいバージョンにアップデートするよう、追加の警告とリマインダを表示します。
  • Bug修正
    このリリースには、セキュリティの脆弱性に関する修正が含まれています。詳細は、Oracle Java SEクリティカル・パッチ・アップデート・アドバイザリを参照してください。

■Mac OS XでJavaをインストール済みの場合


 →Mac OS XでのOracle Javaのインストールと使用に関する情報およびシステム要件

The Oracle Software Security Assurance Blog – Security Alert CVE-2016-0636 Released (2016/03/23)
The Java SOurce – New Java SE Releases (2016/03/23)
JPCERT/CC – Oracle Java SE の脆弱性 (CVE-2016-0636) に関する注意喚起 (2016/03/24)

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