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デジタルスケッチブック「Adobe Ideas」for iPhone/iPadが日本のApp Storeでも配信開始

今まで米国App Storeのみ公開されていた、Adobe Systems製デジタルスケッチブックアプリ「Adobe Ideas」のiPhone/iPod touch向け「Adobe® Ideas 1.0 for iPhone」とiPad向け「Adobe® Ideas 1.0 for iPad」が日本などのApp Storeでも配信開始されました。いずれも無料です。


  • Simple vector-based drawing tools
  • Zoom control without jaggies or big pixels
  • Variable-size brushes using multitouch control
  • Vector eraser
  • Huge virtual canvas
  • Automatic creation of harmonized color themes from your photos or images
  • Ability to email ideas as PDF files for editing in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop or for viewing with any PDF viewer
  • Gallery-style organizer to quickly scroll through your ideas and color themes
  • Separate drawing and photo layers
  • Easy creation of multiple versions of design concepts
  • 50-level undo

Adobe® Ideas 1.0 for iPhone Adobe®
Adobe® Ideas 1.0 for iPad Adobe®

Library of Congress – Virtual Tour アメリカ議会図書館をiPhoneでバーチャル体験

アメリカ議会図書館「Library of Congress (LoC)」内をバーチャルツアーできるiPhone/iPod touch向けアプリ「Library of Congress – Virtual Tour」(無料)がオフィシャルリリースされました。
myLOC Virtual Tourのような感じですか(*’-‘)。

Virtual Tour

  • Main Reading Room
  • The Great Hall
  • Exploring the Early Americans
  • Creating the United States
  • The Bible Collection
  • Thomas Jefferson’s Library
  • Minerva

Library of Congress – Virtual Tour Library
LoC Blog – Shiny, Appy People: Library Gets iPhone App
Library of Congress – Library of Congress Experience

iMockups for iPad 1.0.9

Endloop SystemsのWeb制作/アプリ開発関係者向けモックアップデザインアプリ「iMockups for iPad」(1,200円)が 1.0.9 にアップデートされました。iPad専用で、iPhone/iPod touchでは利用できません。

Unique features:

  • Designed for rapid creation of mock-ups, layouts and wireframes for your web, iPhone and iPad projects.
  • Low fidelity mockups helps you, your team and your clients focus on functionality and flow.
  • Get creative with our ever expanding variety of smart customizable UI controls like navbars, tab panels, and our favorite, an autofilling Lorem Ipsum block.
  • The gorgeous interface not only makes it a joy to look and touch, it’s designed to let you work the way you want. Panels easily slide out of the way when you don’t need them.
  • Collaborate and discuss your designs quickly and easily with full-screen Presentation mode.
  • Supports multiple projects and multiple pages per project keep your projects organized
  • Full content creation and editing controls like Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste and Zoom.

What’ new 1.0.9

  • Export Projects via Email as iMockups Files – You can now email iMockups projects as .iMockups files. Backup, transfer and share your iMockups projects quickly and easily via email!
  • iMockups now recognizes .iMockups files so you can import project files from other iPad apps like Mail, DropBox, Box.net, etc.
  • Project File Management – You can now manage, backup and sync your iMockups Project files via iTunes.
  • New Clone Project button is now available from the Projects View. This will allow you to quickly create copies of existing projects (or template projects) as new projects.
  • 116 new Icon Images: You can now change the default Icon image to one of 116 new pre-rendered icons. More to come in future updates – requests welcome!
  • New UI Control: Picker for iOS mockups
  • Popover Control now has an option to change the direction of the arrow pointer
  • iPhone and iPad Tab Bars now have a switch to hide the default icons displayed
  • Back button now has an option to reverse the arrow to a Forward button
  • Fixed a bug where iMockups would crash on launch
  • Fixed a bug where the Page scroller would get stuck when launching in Landscape mode

iMockups for iPad iMockups
Endloop Blog – iMockups v1.0.9 preview video w/ project import/export and over 100 new icons

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