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英文原稿作成の定番「AP Stylebook 2016」発売 「emoji」など技術用語の追加や「internet」「web」小文字表記への変更ほか

AP Stylebook 2016

米AP通信(Associated Press)社が編纂・発行する、文体スタイルガイド「AP Stylebook」2016年版が6月1日に発表されました。



The changes to the 2016 Stylebook also include:

  • 50 new and updated technology terms, including emoji, emoticon and metadata
  • New entries discouraging the use of child prostitute and mistress; restricting spree to shopping or revelry, not killing; and using the number of firefighters or quantity of equipment sent to a fire, not the number of alarms.
  • DJ is now allowed on first reference, and spokesperson is recognized, in addition to spokesman and spokeswoman
  • New guidance on the terms marijuana, cannabis and pot; cross dresser and transvestite; accident and crash; notorious and notoriety;
  • A new entry on data journalism


Web版「https://www.apstylebook.com/online/」やモバイルアプリ「AP Stylebook Online」での利用については、 AP Stylebook Online 年間サブスクリプション契約が必要です。

AP Stylebook Online:
Web-based, real-time access, save your custom style entries and notes, get email alerts.

Kindle版「The Associated Press Stylebook 2015」や、ペーパーブック「The Associated Press Stylebook 2015 (Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law)」が販売中。


AP Stylebook Online
Associated Press – AP style changes take effect with debut of redesigned Stylebook (2016/06/01)

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