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AgileBits、Mac App Storeで「1Password for Mac」6.1 公開

  • 2016-03-06 (日) 19:20
  • Mac/PC
1Password for Mac

Webサービスのアカウント/パスワードやアプリのライセンス番号などをまとめて安全に管理できる「1Password」のMac向け「1Password 6」最新版 6.1 がMac App Storeで配信開始されました。


 価格: 6,000円 (※Mac App Store版 掲載時)
 販売元: AgileBits Inc. Copyright
 © 2005-16 AgileBits Inc.

■1Password 6.1 for Mac (build # 610005)

The Mini Delights Edition

Sometimes it’s the small things that give us the most joy: hearing our kids laugh, brewing the perfect pot of coffee or tea, lining our books up perfectly on their shelves. And sometimes, those small things combine into something truly delightful. That’s what 1Password 6.1 is all about: little things that come together to make one great update.

Many small improvements to make your life even better. See the full details below!

This is the Login you’re looking for
Part of the reason you use 1Password is to make it easy to find your login information, maybe even for thousands of sites and services. Things could get confusing if you had many usernames and passwords for the same site, though. Now you don’t have to worry! 1Password will display the Login’s username next to the title if you’ve used the same title more than once. Go on, sign up for all of the Slack teams you can handle.

Document smarter, not harder
If you’re a 1Password for Teams or 1Password Families member, you’ll love this one! Now you can view a list of all of the files you’re storing in 1Password using the brand new Documents category. You can link Documents to other items and add notes and custom fields, just like you can with other items. 1Password’s here to help you to stay organized!

Let’s sync up
It’s important to have your 1Password data at your fingertips, no matter where you are or which device you’re using. That’s why we keep improving sync. This time around, we’ve made things more efficient so that 1Password mini can be even more responsive. We’ve also made some improvements to the iCloud experience in the AgileBits Store version of the app.

Teaching awesome software new tricks
Sometimes there’s nothing like starting over fresh. Whether you’re setting up your own new Mac (congratulations!) or starting over with a computer you’ve had for a while, things will be a little simpler: 1Password can find its own Software License item and register itself.

Get off to a good start
Since we were on an efficiency kick, we made the 1Password startup process simpler and more communicative. If something goes wrong when you launch the app, we’ve added ways for it to tell detect what’s going on and tell you about it.

More than meets the eye
These are just the highlights! If you’d like to see all of the action-packed goodness, check out the full release notes.

We love hearing from you! To provide feedback or get in touch with us, please join us in our discussion forums, email support@agilebits.com, send a message to @1Password on Twitter, or leave a comment on Facebook and tell us about the little things that bring you joy!

Full Changelog


  • 1Password mini now shows the username when multiple items have the same title. {OPM-1700}
  • 1Password will now search for its own Software License item in the primary vault and automatically install it if one is found. {OPM-3741}


  • The Trash can now be emptied from All Vaults! {OPM-3748}
  • Added notes and custom fields to Document items in 1Password for Teams and Families. {OPM-3550}
  • Improved startup process can detect and handle more issues. {OPM-3747}
  • Improved search for item titles containing accented characters. {OPI-3320}
  • Improved sync efficiency, especially with regard to the mini. {OPM-3765}
  • Better initial titles for Documents in 1Password for Teams and Families vaults, whether created as linked items or copying an item with an attachment. {OPM-3703}
  • Updated to latest 1Password brain for enhancements to form filling and login saving.
  • Updated our translations with the latest from our incredible translators on Crowdin.


  • Fixed a crash caused by remnants of 1Password 2 data in the database, most commonly in the form of the system.sync.Point category. {OPM-3700, OPM-3664, OPM-3667, OPM-3394, OPM-3701}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Folder Sync in conjunction with iCloud Drive. {OPM-3670}
  • Fixed an issue where changing the Master Password would not propagate through iCloud sync from the AgileBits Store version of 1Password. {OPM-3779}
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the Option key to override Auto Submit could fail to work. {OPM-3770}
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the icon for a new item was not shown until the item was saved. {OPM-3753}
  • Fixed an issue where syncing of one OPVault could trigger sync of another OPVault. {OPM-3765}
  • Fixed an issue where the Create Demo Vault menu item was available when a demo vault was already present. One demo vault is plenty. {OPM-3761}
  • Fixed an issue where sync could fail to trigger automatically when another device performed an edit to an OPVault. {OPM-3484}
  • Fixed multiple issues with saving pending changes when item editing is interrupted. {OPM-3749, OPM-3653}
  • Fixed an issue that caused the search field menu not appearing after unlock. {OPM-3629}
  • Fixed an issue where certain Documents could cause the app to crash. {OPM-3769}
  • Fixed a crash that could happen after starting over but not removing the preference files when a pending license was waiting to be added to the previous setup.
  • Fixed an issue so that iCloud sync in the AgileBits Store version of 1Password no longer stalls other sync methods when the computer is offline. {OPM-3784}
  • Resolved a rare situation where ⌘\ would sometimes not find all matching logins for the current site.

1Password 6 for Mac
AgileBits Blog – 1Password 6.1 for Mac: The Mini Delights Edition (2016/03/01)

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