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「Tweetbot 4 for iOS」リリース iOS 9用にiPhone/iPad対応ユニバーサルアプリ公開 期間限定50% OFF

Tweetbot 4 for iOS

iOS 9向けTwitterクライアントアプリ「Tweetbot 4 for iOS」4.0 がリリースされました。

 価格: 600円 (期間限定50% OFF)
 販売元: Tapbots
 © 2012-2015 Tapbots LLC

iOS 9以降専用となっており、さらに待望のiPhone/iPad両方対応のユニバーサルアプリになっています。

Fav/RT数、フォローユーザー数がわかる Stats や、公式Twitterの通知に相当する Activity というのも、まとめて1つメニューに追加されていて便利ですぬ。

■Tweetbot 4 for iOS 4.0 (iPhone/iPad)

  • iPad Support (Universal)
  • Landscape Support on iPhone and iPad
  • New Statistics and Activity View.
  • New Column View in Landscape on iPad and the iPhone 6+
  • Split View Multi-tasking on iPad
  • More Granular Mute Filter Settings
  • Quick Reply from Notifications
  • Safari View Controller with Support for Content Blockers
  • Improved User Profiles
  • Improved Status Detail
  • Refreshed User Interface
  • Many Optimizations Under the Hood

Statistics and Activity View.
Enjoy keeping track of how popular your tweets are or how many new followers you get each day? Fall in love with the new Statistics view. Watch your tweets get faved and retweeted in real time (on a WiFi network), and see your daily global activity graph grow over the last 7 days. See all of the recent activity happening on your account in real time on the Activity view. Watch people follow, mention, retweet, fave, and quote you live.

Tweetbot 4 for iOS Stats&Activity

Column View on iPad and iPhone 6+.
Tweetbot just got a lot more powerful with the new column view. Just rotate your iPad or iPhone 6+ to landscape and have a column dedicated to a list, search result, mentions, statistics, or activity stream.

Other Notable Features:
– Support for 3rd party services
– Add multiple accounts
– Powerful mute filters
– Push notifications
– Customizable navigation (iPhone)
– Save and edit tweet drafts
– Edit and view lists
– Wi-Fi timeline streaming
– Timeline sync across multiple devices
– Send images in direct messages
– Night theme for low-light reading
– Smart gestures to quickly access tweet details, reply, retweet and favorite.
– Status display customization


Tweetbot 4 for iOS
Tapbots – Tweetbot for iOS

Home > iOS/Android > 「Tweetbot 4 for iOS」リリース iOS 9用にiPhone/iPad対応ユニバーサルアプリ公開 期間限定50% OFF





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