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Oracle VirtualBox 5.0.8 定期セキュリティアップデート 2015年10月CPU

  • 2015-10-21 (水) 11:00
  • Mac/PC
Oracle VirtualBox 5

米Oracleは10月20日(現地時間)、定期更新である CPU (Critical Patch Update) – October 2015 の一環として、無料のx86&AMD64/Intel64仮想化環境「Oracle VM VirtualBox」最新版 5.0.8 をリリースしました。

■VirtualBox 5.0.8

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  • GUI: Mac OS X: Restore green zoom button for VM windows (it was hidden in the previous release to avoid native full-screen issues). For Yosemite and El Capitan this button should work accordingly to the Apple HIG: Full-screen by default, maximize if the user holds the Option key.
  • Serial ports: fixed wrong IRQ number for the first serial port in the ACPI tables (5.0.6 regression; bug #14659)
  • API: fixed a 5.0 regression in VBoxManage setproperty defaultfrontend (bug #14696)
  • VBoxManage/vbox-img: conversion to RAW images could result in a disk image containing all zeroes
  • Linux hosts: several fixes for systemd integration in .deb / .rpm packages (e.g. bug #14665). The command for recompiling the host kernel modules was changed to /sbin/vboxconfig
  • Linux hosts: make host-only interfaces report operstate UP only when they have VMs attached (bug #14526)
  • Mac OS X hosts: fix bpf capture and accounting of traffic on bridged and host-only interfaces (bug #14553)
  • Windows guests: fixed 3D rendering issues on high resolution displays
  • Windows Additions: fixed problems with 3D acceleration on Windows hosts with Intel HD graphics (bug #14670)
  • Linux Additions: fix service starting on Debian systems with systemd installed but not in use (bug #14683)

Oracle – Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.0.34 – 4.1.42 – 4.2.34 – 4.3.32 and 5.0.8 now available!
Oracle – Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory – October 2015

Home > Mac/PC > Oracle VirtualBox 5.0.8 定期セキュリティアップデート 2015年10月CPU





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