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Apple、開発環境「Xcode 7」公開 (Swift 2含む) iOS 9やOS X El Capiotan (v10.11) 、watchOS2などサポート

Xcode 6

米Appleは9月16日(現地時間)、Mac/iOS向けアプリ開発ツール「Xcode」7.0 を提供開始しました。

■Xcode 7.0

Xcode 7 includes Swift 2 and SDKs for iOS 9, watchOS 2, and OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Now you can go beyond the simulator to test your app on an iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch — for free. Simply enter your Apple ID into the Accounts preference pane, then attach a device to your Mac using a Lightning cable. You can use the same Apple ID you already use for iCloud, iTunes, or the App Store, or create a new one. Join the Apple Developer Program when you’re ready to distribute or submit your apps to the App Store.

New in Xcode 7:
• User interface testing uses accessibility to auto-generate tests for you and run them as part of a test suite
• Code coverage displays what parts of your code are covered (and not) by your test suite
• Interface Builder adds StackViews to simplify the construction of complex interfaces that use Auto Layout
• Game level editors add an animation design timeline with both 2D and 3D support
• Crash logs management adds support for OS X and app extensions
• Address sanitizer points out code that may crash at runtime even when you cannot reproduce yourself
• App thinning uploads all assets to the App Store so the store can then send an optimized app to your customers
• Support for watchOS 2 including project migration tool

New in Swift 2:
• Native error handling model adds a simple try / catch syntax that transparently wraps NSError
• Tests can now access both public and internal methods from external test processes
• Protocol extensions enable a natural chaining syntax for function calls
• Markdown syntax is supported in .swift file comments to add rich text in Quick Help
• Markdown comments in playgrounds render as beautiful rich text, perfect for curriculum documents
• Availability controls warn at compile time when using API that is too new for the minimum target OS
• SDKs for OS X, iOS, and watchOS have more natural interfaces when accessed from Swift
• New language syntax includes guard, defer, and repeat keywords
• Tool to convert source code to Swift 2 via menu: Edit > Convert > To Latest Swift Syntax

Apple Developer – Xcode

Home > Apple | iOS/Android | Mac/PC > Apple、開発環境「Xcode 7」公開 (Swift 2含む) iOS 9やOS X El Capiotan (v10.11) 、watchOS2などサポート





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