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Apple、開発ツール「Xcode 6.3」リリース (Swift 1.2 含む)

Xcode 6

米Appleは4月8日(現地時間)、Mac/iOS向けアプリ開発ツール「Xcode」6.3 を提供開始しました。
動作環境は、OS X Yosemite (v10.10)以降。

■Xcode 6.3

Includes Swift 1.2 and SDKs for OS X 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8.3

New in Swift 1.2:
• Incremental builds dramatically improve the compile time of Swift projects
• Swift compiler produces even faster executables for both debug and release builds
• Language refinements to ‘let’ and ‘as’ make Swift more consistent and clear
• Standard library adds powerful features including the ‘Set’ data type and ‘flatMap’ operation
• Code converter and Fix-its help you migrate to Swift 1.2

Additional features in Xcode 6.3:
• Playgrounds are more attractive and readable with rich text formatting and results displayed in-line
• Playgrounds can embed additional code and resources to improve performance and simplify sharing
• Updated OS X SDK includes support for the new Force Touch trackpad
• Crashes organizer makes it easy to triage and fix crashes for App Store and TestFlight apps
• Apple LLVM compiler 6.1 improves diagnostic messages and adds support for C++’14
• Additional bug fixes and stability improvements

Apple – About the security content of Xcode 6.3
Apple Developer – Xcode

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