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WPtouch Pro 3.1 (WprdPress Plugin) iOS 7最適化、新テーマ「Bauhaus」追加、BraveNewCloud Extensionサポートなど

WPtouch Pro 3.1

BraveNewCode提供のiPhone/iPadなどスマホ/タブレット対応WordPressプラグイン最新版「WPtouch Pro 3.1」がリリースされました。

– Self-hosted WordPress 3.4+
– Admin account access
– PHP 5, MySQL 4+
– Write access to wp-content

Developer/Agency: $299CAD 25ドメインまで
Small Business: $129CAD 3ドメインまで
Blogger/Pro: $59CAD 1ドメイン

■WPTouch Pro 3.1 Change Log – 2013/11/27

  • Added: Support for BraveNewCloud Extensions (New extensions: Mobile Content, Infinity Cache, Image Optimization)
  • Added: Support for BraveNewCloud Themes (New themes: Bauhaus, Hammock)
  • Added: iOS 7 homescreen icon size support
  • Added: iOS 7 optimizations and support
  • Added: Migration routine which moves wptouch-data folder from /uploads to /wp-content
  • Added: WPTP will re-install an active theme automatically if it’s deleted and is a cloud theme
  • Added: WPTP will rebuild wptouch-data folder if deleted & reinstall an active theme automatically if it’s a cloud theme
  • Added: Advanced setting for turning off post titles in featured slider
  • Added: Advanced setting for choosing between 3, 5 & 10 posts for featured slider
  • Added: Featured slider to Simple theme (shows on blog and home page)
  • Added: You can now show sub-items in Simple’s homepage menu
  • Added: Back-to-top links in all theme footer areas
  • Added: New tappable module to add better touch responsiveness alongside fastclick module
  • Added: Login form fly-in & options for all themes
  • Added: Advanced setting for sharing links to be shown on pages as well
  • Fixed: An issue with local anchor links in Web App Mode
  • Fixed: Issues with headers in web-app mode (all themes)
  • Fixed: Issues with Smart App Banners (all themes)
  • Fixed: An issue which could cause the message bubble not to show if set to ‘every time’
  • Fixed: Margin removed on images inside tables (all themes)
  • Fixed: Admin – issue where new featured slider settings weren’t hidden if slider disabled
  • Fixed: Admin – issue with placeholders appearing after images were uploaded
  • Fixed: Admin – issue with settings forgetting themselves
  • Fixed: Admin – issue with licenses forgetting themselves
  • Fixed: Admin – disabling custom posts types support in themes that support them hides the settings related to it
  • Fixed: Web App Mode now checks core settings’ ignored urls in addition to web app mode ignored urls when persistence is enabled
  • Fixed: Warning message in concat Foundation module
  • Fixed: Issue with upgrading themes in WP multisite when network activated
  • Fixed: Deleting and active extension allows it to be re-downloaded
  • Fixed: Issue with Featured Content Gallery where a large blank area could show with lots of images
  • Changed: Renamed extensions to extensions
  • Changed: Made ‘Bauhaus’ the default theme after settings reset
  • Changed: Classic – Larger thumbs, improvements and changes for tablets
  • Changed: Better web-app mode behaviour and appearance on iOS7
  • Changed: Fresh new admin appearance for tabs, new/advanced flags, buttons
  • Changed: Moved sharing links options to branding options from general options in theme settings
  • Changed: Moved 3 core settings’ order: Now Site Title & Byline, Regionalization, Display Mode
  • Changed: Moved wptouch-data directory to wp-content instead of wp-content/uploads
  • Changed: New design for theme & add-on browsers
  • Changed: Split out admin pages to (Themes & Extensions, Theme Settings, Add-On Settings)
  • Changed: Can now update cloud themes & extensions in the admin
  • Changed: Removed setting for ‘Hide Address Bar’ caused issues and conflicts on some mobile devices
  • Changed: Add2home script and bubble design to include iOS7, now incorporates web fonts for appearance
  • Changed: Made switch link settings advanced
  • Updated: FontAwesome CSS Icon library to version 3.2.1
  • Updated: FastClick JS library to version 0.6.11
  • Updated: add2home script to 2.0.11 (w/ iOS 7 support)
  • Updated: Advanced jQuery option to 2.0.3

追加された新テーマ「Bauhaus (バウハウス)」はこんな感じです。

WPtouch Pro - BAUHAUS

BNC Blog – WPtouch Pro 3.1 Update: New Theme, Extensions

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