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Cyberduck 4.4 (Windows/Mac)


定番Mac OS X用ファイル転送アプリ「Cyberduck」4.4 がリリースされました。Mac版のほかWindows版もあり。
FTP、SFTP、WebDAV、Could FilesGoogle DocsAmazon S3対応。

※Mac App Store版「Cyberduck」(2,400円)は、4.3.1 (2013/05/04アップデート)が最新。

■Cyberduck 4.4 (13581) – 2013/10/24
[Feature] Performance improvements
[Feature] No Java installation requirement (Mac)
[Feature] Resumable multipart uploads (S3) (#6208)
[Feature] Bucket lifecycle configuration to archive objects in Glacier (S3) #6830
[Feature] Keystone (2.0) authentication support (OpenStack) (#6330)
[Feature] Multiple region support (OpenStack) (#6902)
[Feature] Set container metadata (OpenStack)
[Feature] Edit non prefixed headers (OpenStack) (#7209)
[Feature] Support ECHDE cipher suites (WebDAV) (#7344)
[Feature] Select region when creating new container (S3, OpenStack)
[Feature] Confirmation alert on move and rename in browser (#595)
[Feature] Transfer action to skip existing files that match checksum, size or timestamp (#6500)
[Feature] Fullscreen option for browser window
[Feature] Remember window position of browser window when saving workspace
[Feature] Copy temporary signed URLs (OpenStack) (#7018)
[Feature] Preview file status in overwrite prompt when choosing transfer action
[Feature] Option to continue or cancel on failure transferring multiple files
[Feature] Display download progress in Finder and Dock
[Feature] Enable website configuration for buckets (GreenQloud)
[Feature] Option to change default port for custom origin (CloudFront) (#5460)
[Feature] Upload with temporary name when saving from external editor
[Bugfix] Cannot edit non prefixed headers (OpenStack) (#7209)
[Bugfix] Sandboxing denies access to SSH keys (Mac) (#7208)
[Bugfix] Quick Look does not display preview (Mac) (#7231)
[Bugfix] Failure duplicating files (FTP) (#7224)
[Bugfix] Save workspace does not work for multiple browser sessions to the same server (#7213)
[Bugfix] Permission error for upload to write-only folder (#6240)
[Bugfix] Authentication with none password (SFTP) (#7322)
[Bugfix] Interoperability issues (WebDAV) (#7227)
[Bugfix] Subsequent edit fails (#7248)
[Bugfix] Omit absolute paths in archives (ZIP, TAR) (#6644)
[Bugfix] Connect mode fallback failures (FTP) (#5385)
[Bugfix] Directory placeholder not displayed if same name as object (OpenStack) (#6988)
[Bugfix] Cannot set custom keyboard shortcut (#7045)
[Bugfix] Registration with Growl fails (#7274)
[Bugfix] Changing permissions resets extended access rights flags (SFTP, FTP) (#3790)
[Bugfix] Remember browser column widths (#6034)
[Bugfix] Refresh list of thirdparty application bookmarks to import (#6141)
[Bugfix] PRET support not working anymore (#7427)

Cyberduck – Release 4.4 (finally)
Cyberduck – Hello Mavericks

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