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WPtouch Pro 3.0.6

WPtouch Pro 3

BraveNewCode提供のiPhone/iPadなどスマホ/タブレット対応WordPressプラグイン最新版「WPtouch Pro 3.0.6」がリリースされました。

– Self-hosted WordPress 3.4+
– Admin account access
– PHP 5, MySQL 4+
– Write access to wp-content

Developer/Agency: $299CAD 25ドメインまで
Small Business: $129CAD 3ドメインまで
Blogger/Pro: $59CAD 1ドメイン


■WPTouch Pro 3.0.6 Change Log – 2013/07/12

  • Fixed: Search input in themes causing zoom on some devices
  • Fixed: Issues with Google ads on Android devices causing blank pages
  • Fixed: Issues with ads in Simple, CMS & Classic Redux themes
  • Fixed: Viewport width issues on some Android devices
  • Fixed: Web-App Mode features displaying outside of Web-App Mode
  • Fixed: Better audio, video handling in Web-App Mode
  • Fixed: An issue which could cause Classic to show on tablet browsers w/o Tablet support enabled
  • Changed: Social links in the footer now open in a new window

BNC Blog – WPtouch Pro 3.0.6 Update Released

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