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BraveNewCode、スマホ/タブレット対応WordPressプラグイン「WPtouch Pro 3.0.2」リリース Kindle端末用にSilk mode user agent追加など

WPtouch Pro 3

米BraveNewCodeのiPhone/iPadなどスマホ/タブレット対応WordPressプラグイン最新版「WPtouch Pro 3.0.2」がリリースされました。

– Self-hosted WordPress 3.4+
– Admin account access
– PHP 5, MySQL 4+
– Write access to wp-content

先日 3.0 が リリースされてから、はじめての大規模アップデート。
2.xからのアップグレード価格は、$59 (Blogger/Pro, 1ドメイン) から。割引により$40でアップグレードしました(´∀`)。

Developer/Agency: $399 $340
Small Business: $129 $70
Blogger/Pro: $59 $40

■WPTouch Pro 3.0.2 Change Log – 2013/05/22

  • Added: Classic – Setting to disable post date
  • Added: Classic – New post thumbnail options, post thumbnails on archive pages
  • Added: Classic – Drop-down option to show ‘Menu’ text instead of icon
  • Added: Simple – 3D menu (Advanced setting)
  • Added: Vimeo, Pinterest, LinkedIn & RSS to footer social links
  • Added: Hungarian translation
  • Added: Slide transition speed (Advanced setting) for featured slider
  • Added: Silk mode user agent for Kindles
  • Added: Setting to leave administration panel untranslated even though themes are translated
  • Added: Menu setting to change parent menu item to be a link or toggle children
  • Added: Better display of slider images
  • Fixed: Classic – An issue where the menu would not be shown if tab-bar was turned off
  • Fixed: Simple – issue with ads in the header
  • Fixed: Issue with WPtouch Pro showing for Windows desktop touch devices
  • Fixed: Issue with Featured slider and missing entries on archive pages and feeds
  • Fixed: Issue with WPtouch Pro news in overview not loading
  • Fixed: Issue with junk characters in email subject line when sharing a post with unicode content
  • Fixed: Issue with multipage links on single post pages
  • Fixed: Issue regarding licensing in secondary multisite sites
  • Fixed: Issue with Web-App Mode, persistent links
  • Fixed: Issue that caused comment counts in the WP admin panel to be shown as ’0′
  • Fixed: Issue with ads in theme headers
  • Fixed: Issue with custom post types not showing on the blog listings page
  • Changed: Classic – date, author post settings now respected on single posts as well
  • Changed: Classic – comments icon and number now hidden for posts with no comments, or comments disabled
  • Changed: CMS – minor usability improvements from customer feedback
  • Changed: Added translatable text for Post and Page text in search results
  • Changed: Updated FontAwesome module to 3.1.1
  • Changed: Improved menu parent/child behaviour in drop-down menus
  • Changed: Improved RTL styling in themes
  • Changed: Desktop switch-to-mobile links are now output using Javascript and AJAX – resolves desktop caching issues
  • Changed: Network activated plugins are now listed in the compatibility section of WPtouch Pro

BraveNewCode & WPtouch: Passion Behind The Product from BraveNewCode Inc. on Vimeo.

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BraveNewCode – The Future of Mobile Web Design is Here – BraveNewCode Announces WPtouch Pro 3.0 (2013/05/06)

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