Adobe、「Flash Player 19」( 緊急セキュリティアップデート公開 (APSB15-27)

Adobe Flash Player / AIR

米Adobeは10月16日(現地時間)、最新版Flash Playerプラグインに存在する脆弱性に対応するセキュリティ情報[APSB15-27]を公開し、Flash Playerの緊急アップデートを実施しました。


 CVE番号: CVE-2015-7645, CVE-2015-7647, CVE-2015-7648
 プラットフォーム: すべてのプラットフォーム

最新バージョン番号は、Windows/Mac向け 、延長サポート版 、Linux向け になります。

インストール済みFlash Playerのバージョン確認はこちらで行えます。

 →Adobe – Flash Player バージョン確認

JPCERT/CC – Adobe Flash Player の脆弱性 (APSB15-27) に関する注意喚起 (2015/10/19)
Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) Blog – Flash Player Security Update Available (2015/10/16)
IPA – Adobe Flash Player の脆弱性対策について(APSA15-05)(CVE-2015-7645) (2015/10/15)
トレンドマイクロ セキュリテイブログ – Adobe Flash Playerのゼロデイ攻撃を最新の標的型サイバー攻撃キャンペーン「Pawn Storm作戦」で確認 (2015/10/14)

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1Password for Mac 5.4 (Mac) OS X El Capitan用に全面刷新

1Password for Mac

Webサービスのアカウント/パスワードやアプリのライセンス番号などをまとめて安全に管理できる「1Password」のMac向け「1Password」最新版 5.4 がリリースされました。

価格: 3,600円 (掲載時)
販売元: AgileBits Inc.
Copyright © 2005-14 AgileBits Inc.

Mac版では、5.0から動作環境が OS X Yosemite (v10.10) 以降、今回リリースの5.4から OS X El Capitan (v10.11) 以降対応になっています。

■1Password 5.4 (OS X El Capitan) – 2015/10/15
The Convenience Edition

1Password was created because the world needed an easier, more convenient way to stay secure in today’s technological landscape. In keeping with that tradition of convenience, we present to you an update designed to make your life a little less complicated!


  • Large-type option for passwords makes them easier to read.
  • Things change. Now your secondary vaults’ passwords can, too.
  • The Top Layout View is better than ever.
  • Security updates to address XARA vulnerabilities.

Large type

If you’ve ever squinted at a password because you have to enter your it on a device without 1Password support, this is for you! 1Password for Mac now can now display passwords in Large Type to make them easier to read. Now it’s easy to look at your Mac and enter your password on an Apple TV or read your Wi-Fi password off to guests. Oh, and if your bank asks you for the 4th, 10th, and 12th digits of your passwords, you’ll be happy to see that we’ve numbered each character to make those easier for you to find.

1Password - Large type

Change secondary vault password

Almost nothing is forever, and now that includes your secondary vaults’ passwords in 1Password for Mac. Thanks for all of the requests for this feature!

Refined top layout

If you like to keep a classic-looking layout, you’ll be happy to know we’ve made some improvements based on your feedback. Your items’ Rich Icons will be displayed, you can add and remove columns, and 1Password will remember how you left things.


Using new tools available in the latest OS X update, we’ve redesigned the communication pathways between the 1Password browser extension and 1Password mini to ensure that your data stays secret and secure. We’ll have a blog post on this soon, so stay tuned to blog.agilebits.com for more details!

1Password 5 for Mac
Agile Blog – 1Password 5.4 for Mac: The Convenience Edition

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Tweetbot for Mac 2.1.1 (Mac) 複数の不具合を修正

Tweetbot for Mac

Twitterクライアント Tweetbot の Mac向け「Tweetbot for Mac」2.1.1 がリリースされました。

価格: 1,200円 ※掲載時
販売元: Tapbots
© 2012-2015 Tapbots LLC

先日リリースされた 2.1 動作に関する複数問題の修正が行われています。
El Capitan上で使っていて、Tweetbot画面の何処かをクリックした拍子に突然アプリが終了している不具合は解消されてるかな(´・ω・`)

■Tweetbot for Mac 2.1.1

  • Fixed “New Tweet” and “Show/Hide” global hot keys.
  • Fixed an issue where if you have no activity, the progress view spins forever.
  • Fixed an issue with gestures being reversed in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue with notification quick replies where tweets didn’t contain the reply text.
  • Fixed the command-shift-l shortcut and opening links opposite of what your “Open Links in Background” preference was.
  • Fixed an issue with the search tab where you couldn’t start typing into the search field.
  • Fixed an issue where an existing direct message column wouldn’t be created properly.
  • Fixed a possible crasher when user search was in a column and the main window was closed.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing spacebar at the top of your tweets would scroll down and obscure the first tweet.
  • Fixed an issue where if you had enough columns, you would see an “Enter Fullscreen” menu item. Fullscreen mode is currently in development.
  • Fixed a font change that affected some fonts on 10.10.x.
  • Fixed some layout issues with tweets in 10.11.
  • Fixed some reported crashes.

Tweetbot for Mac
Tapbots – Tweetbot for Mac

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