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フォーカルポイント、Wahoo Fitness「ANT+ アダプタ Key」など7製品発売

Wahoo Fitness ANT+ アダプタ Key

フォーカルポイントは3月7日、Wahoo Fitness社のiPhoneでANT+機器を使えるアダプタ、心拍計、ストライドセンサー、スピード・ケイデンスセンサー、自転車用ホルダーなど7製品を、全国の家電量販店やスポーツ用品店などを通じて発売すると発表しました。フォーカルポイント運営FOCAL STOREでも予約受付開始。

Dockコネクタで接続するANT+ アダプタ Keyと、ANT+対応の各種センサー、そして対応アプリを組み合わせて使用します。


  1. Wahoo Fitness ANT+ アダプタ Key (5,980円)
    Dockコネクタを搭載したiPhone/iPod touch/iPadに接続することで、ANT+対応機器と通信が可能となるDockコネクタ用ANT+対応アダプタ。
  2. Wahoo Fitness 心拍計 ANT+ Soft Heart Rate Strap (4,980円)
  3. Wahoo Fitness ストライドセンサー ANT+ (5,480円)
  4. Wahoo Fitness スピード・ケイデンスセンサー ANT+ (3,980円)
  5. Wahoo Fitness Bike Case for iPhone 4S/4/3GS ANT+ (9,980円)
    ANT+アダプタを内蔵したiPhoneケースとマウントがセットになった自転車用ホルダーセット。iPhone 4S/iPhone 4/iPhone 3GSに対応し、ANT+対応機器と通信が可能。
  6. Wahoo Fitness Run/Gym Pack for iPhone(ANT+ アダプタ/心拍計セット) (9,980円)
  7. Wahoo Fitness Bike Pack for iPhone 4S/4/3GS ANT+(スピード・ケイデンスセンサーセット) (12,980円)

Wahoo Fitness

■ANT+ アダプタ Key対応アプリ
Wahoo Fitness (Wahoo Fitness/無料)
Cyclemeter (Abvio/450円)
Endomondo (Endomondo.com/無料)
MapMyRide (MapMyFitness/無料)
MapMyRun (MapMyFitness/無料)
Runmeter (Abvio/450円)
RunKeeper (FitnessKeeper/無料)

soneru社の「LiveCycling」(850円)や「LiveTraining」(850円) も、前からANT+対応してますね(´ー`)

フォーカルポイント – 米Wahoo Fitness社のiPhoneでANT+機器が使えるアダプタ、心拍計、ストライドセンサー、スピード・ケイデンスセンサー、自転車用ホルダーなど7製品を発売。

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MLB.com At Bat 6.0.0 (iPhone/iPad)

米メジャーリーグ(MLB)の「MLB.com At Bat」(無料+サブスクリプション) が 6.0.0 へアップデートされました。

■At Bat 13 Subscription Options

  • One-time annual fee of $19.99 for the entire 2013 season, Spring Training through the World Series.
  • Monthly recurring fee of $2.99.
  • MLB.TV Premium subscribers receive At Bat 13 for free.

■MLB.com At Bat 6.0.0 (iPhone/iPad) – 2013/02/21

  • Multi-platform live audio access for At Bat 13 subscribers (portable to Mac/PC with a valid MLB.com account)
  • Universal support for At Bat 13 subscribers, accessible on iPhone, iPad and other supported smartphones and tablets
  • Batting, pitching and fielding statistics (iPad)
  • Re-designed individual team pages (iPhone)
  • Updated news section interface (iPhone)
  • Classic games library (iPhone and iPad)
  • Re-architected navigations (iPhone and iPad)
  • Additional push notification options (iPhone)
  • Additional features coming Opening Day

At Bat 13 Spring Traning

Spring Training Features (Additional features and functionality will be released in an app update before Opening Day).

  • Access your MLB.TV Premium subscription to watch live video of about 200 Spring Training games
  • Listen to available radio broadcasts of Spring Training games
  • Follow batter-by-batter action for every Spring Training game
  • Breaking news, schedules and interactive rosters and player stats for every team
  • Customize At Bat’s home screen to feature your designated favorite team (iPhone only)
  • Enhanced video library archive, searchable by player, team or keyword (iPhone only)
  • Ford Sync compatibility

MLB.com At Bat MLB.com At Bat - MLB.com
MLB – MLB.com At Bat
MLB.jp (MLB日本公式サイト)

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F1 2013 Timing App CP 5.101 (iPhone/iPad)

F1™ 2013 Timing App CP

F1公式ライブタイミングアプリの2013シーズン版「F1™ 2013 Timing App CP」(2,950円) が 5.101 にアップデートされました。

販売元: Soft Pauer Limited
© Soft Pauer Limited

■F1 2013 Timing App CP 5.101 (iPhone/iPad) – 2013/02/20
New 2013 interface and features!
* All times now to 3 decimal places
* Page 1 screen (Scroll landscape to right)
* Full speed trap information for all drivers
* Perfect lap shown at top right of page 1
* New tyre information display. Historical tyres now shown with number of laps.
* Solid colour tyres are new on, black means used.
* Twitter integration – view driver tweets in app.
* App’s Twitter feed is a list in twitter, which can be customized as you like.
* Optionally during live races you can display tweets
* Lots of UI tweaks – Landscape mode now fully functional on phone.

F1™ 2013 Timing App」(無料+アドオン) も 5.102 に。

■F1 2013 Timing App 5.102 (iPhone/iPad) – 2013/02/20
Update for the 2013 Championship
* Please note this update will remove access to 2012 data. If you are interested in historical information, please get the CP edition, as these versions retain access to historical information *

F1™ 2013 Timing App CP F1™ 2013 Timing App CP - Soft Pauer
F1™ 2013 Timing App F1™ 2013 Timing App - Soft Pauer

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