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Flightradar24 Pro 4.9 (iPhone/iPad)


Googleマップ上で世界中の航空機をリアルタイム追跡表示する「Flightradar24 Pro」(250円+アドオン) が 4.9 にアップデートされました。

販売業者 : Svenska Resenatverket AB
© 2010 Svenska Resenatverket AB

■Flightradar24 Pro 4.9 (iPhone/iPad) – 2013/08/20

  • Flight status information is now available for most flights, including scheduled time of departure, actual time of departure, and scheduled time of arrival. As before, estimated time of arrival is also presented. Flight status times are shown in the local time of the airport in question. However, in Settings you are able to change the time shown to your local time zone or UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), the time standard used in aviation.
  • The ‘Data consumption’ setting has been split into two separate settings so that you can individually control the data consumption for frequency of aircraft position updates, and types of aircraft images used.
  • Cockpit view has been turned off for the devices that don’t support it – iPhone 4 and below, iPod Touch 4th gen and below, plus iPad 1. Cockpit view tended to crash the app when used on these devices.
  • Fixed various issues and bugs, including the bug that caused the compass to be 90 degrees off for some users.

8月20日現在、将来追加される全アドオン含めて利用できる「FR24 Premium」(無料+プレミアムメンバーズ登録3,100円) は 4.8 が最新。

Flightradar24 Pro

Flightradar24 - 3D

Flightradar24 Pro

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AP Mobile 6.1 (iPhone/iPad)

AP Mobile

Associated Press(AP通信)のiPhone/iPad向けニュースアプリ「AP Mobile」(無料) が 6.1 にアップデートされました。

■AP Mobile for iOS 6.1 (iPhone/iPad) – 2013/08/12

  • The light background is back! Tap the Gear and go to settings to select your background color.
  • Vastly improved tile management – Tap the Gear or + at the bottom of the tiles to add your favorite local newspapers/broadcasters or subcategories to the home page.
  • Improved share functionality and support for multiple Twitter accounts.
  • Improvements for better accessibility.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

AP Mobile AP Mobile - The Associated Press
AP Mobile – AP Mobile v6.1 for iOS is now available. Upgrade now!

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パスワード管理アプリ「1Password 4 for iOS」が1週間限定セール 700円 (現地時間8/8〜)

ネット上のWebサービスのパスワードやアプリのライセンス情報などをひとまとめに管理できる「1Password」の、iPhone/iPad向け「1Password 4 for iOS」が1週間限定で50%以上OFFのセールを開始しました。

Dropboxの新APIへの移行に伴い、旧APIのDropbox同期が2013年9月1日に使えなくなるようで、「1Passoword 3 for iOS」(昨年12月に販売終了) でDropbox同期を利用している方が影響を受けるとのこと。


 →Agilebits: If you use 1Password 3 for iOS and Dropbox sync, take action by September 1 (2013/08/08)



1Password 4 for iOS
Agile Blog – If you use 1Password 3 for iOS and Dropbox sync, take action by September 1 (2013/08/08)

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