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Google x Adobe Chromebookから利用できるストリーミング版「Project Photoshop Streaming」発表 ベータ版提供開始

米Googleは9月29日(現地時間)、米Adobe Systemsとの協力で、Chromebookから使えるクラウド版Photoshopとなる「Project Photoshop Streaming」を発表しました。
開始当初は、米国内の教育機関向けCreative Cloudユーザー向けにβ版サービスを提供。

Webサービス(アプリ)利用のための Chromebook で、他Webアプリと同様クラウド上のストリーミング版Photoshopサービスを利用するもので、データはGoogle Driveに保存。基本的には、Creative Cloud版Phtoshop相当の機能を利用可能ですが、GPU機能や印刷ができないなど現状では一部制限あり。

Project Photoshop Streaming includes:

  • Creative tools: Streaming access to Photoshop with other products coming soon
  • Access from any Windows device with a Chrome browser or from a Chromebook
  • Learning tools: Access to Adobe Education Exchange learning content and an in-app
  • Learning panel called ‘Learn Now’
  • Project Photoshop Streaming Feedback and Forum support

Photoshop以外のCreative Cloudアプリストリーミング版も利用できるようにする計画だそうです。

Photoshop Streaming for Chromebook

Google Chrome Blog – Adobe joins the Chromebook party, starting with Photoshop

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Getty Images、iOS 8搭載iPhone/iPad向けに「Getty Images Stream」アプリ (USのみ) Twitter/Facebook共有やブログ等へのエンベッドもOK

Getty Images Stream for iOS

米Getty Imagesは9月19日(現地時間)、巨大なイメージライブラリをストリーミングで閲覧&共有できる、コンシューマー向けiOSアプリ「Getty Images Stream」(無料) を提供開始しました。
USストアのみ提供のようで、日本のApp Storeでは公開されていません。
動作環境は、iOS 8搭載のiPhone/iPad。

Stream uses Getty Images’ API to aggregate content and includes these key features:

  • Streaming: Easy-to-navigate curated photo streams across different categories – latest, news, sport, entertainment and archival.
  • Search: Explore millions of stunning editorial, archival and creative design images through customized streams.
  • Slideshow: Play slideshows of any stream or search results on Apple devices using Apple AirPlay, including Apple TV.
  • Embed and share: Share an image directly to Facebook and Twitter simply by tapping the ‘share’ icon. To embed in a blog, tap the ‘copy’ icon and paste the embed code into a blog or webpage.
  • Alerts: Receive customized alerts as new images are added.

クリエイティブなプロフェッショナル&メディア向けiOSアプリ「Getty Images」や「iStock by Getty Images」も公開中。こちらは日本のApp Storeでもダウンロードできます。

Getty Images Stream
Getty Images – Getty Images launches Stream, a free mobile application allowing consumers to view and share the world’s best photography

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Pixelmator 3.2.1 (Mac) OpenGL Core Profileへ移行


Mac向け画像編集ソフト最新版「Pixelmator」3.2.1 がリリースされました。

更新内容に”Migrated to OpenGL Core Profile”とあったのでもしやと思って確認したら、OS X 10.9.1 以降の64ビットプロセッサMac対応になっていますね。

あと、今秋リリース予定のOS X Yosemiteをサポートする 3.3 メージャーアップデートに向けて作業中だそうです。

■Pixelmator 3.2.1 (Mac) – 2014/09/11
Technology Improvements
• Migrated to OpenGL Core Profile, so that we can access all of the latest GPU features and have a more streamlined API, with more control over the rendering pipeline.
• Improved the rendering process with IOSurface technology.

Other Fixes And Improvements
• Improved the Paint Selection Tool’s performance when working on large images.
• Improved the performance of the Reflection style preview.
• Improved German localization.
• Resolved some glitches with the Clone Stamp Tool.
• All Pixelmator brushes now import correctly.
• Fixed an issue where the shadow style does not apply on a shape layer.
• Fixed an issue where the shape layer appears incorrectly when dropped into a locked group.
• The gradient style no longer loses its settings when one shape is moved into the shape composition.
• Fixed an issue where newly created shape layers are unmovable.
• You can now export a text layer from the Layers palette more than once.
• Fixed an issue where pasted layers are positioned incorrectly.
• The Paint Bucket’s and Magic Eraser’s tolerance circles now appear correctly in Full Screen mode.
• Addressed an issue where the Info bar displayed settings incorrectly.
• You can now export images in WebP format when quality is set to maximum.
• You will no longer be able to increase an image’s size to more than a maximum allowed size.
• Images imported from other apps are no longer transparent.
• Addressed an issue where a disk almost full error appears on systems with plenty of free space left.
• Fixed major memory leak issue.

Stability And Reliability
Fixes related to stability and reliability, including issues that could cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly in these situations:
• When transforming small images.
• When using the Hue effect, in some cases.
• When editing the line shape.

OS X Mavericks
Pixelmator Blog – Pixelmator Update 3.2.1
Pixelmator Blog – Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone Is Now Available on the Mac App Store (2014/05/21)

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