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1Password 6.4.2 (iPhone/iPad)

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アカウント/パスワードやアプリのライセンス番号、銀行/カード情報などをまとめて安全に管理できる「1Password」のiPhone/iPadアプリ「1Password」6.4.2 がリリースされました。
1Password 6 for Macや1Password 6 beta for Windowsと同期して利用できます。
6なら、家族向け1Password for Familiesやグループ向け1Password for Teamsもサポート。

価格: 本体無料+Pro機能600円
販売元: AgileBits Inc.
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■1Password 6.4.2 (iPhone/iPad)

== Improved ==
– Item sharing has returned with proper advice for sharing only over secure services. {OPI-3536}
– References to 1Password Teams have been expanded to be inclusive of 1Password Families as well. {OPI-3488, OPI-3504, OPI-3493}
– VoiceOver now properly names the items in the tab bar as “tabs” instead of “buttons”. {OPI-3573}
– When editing an item VoiceOver now makes it clear how to edit how to edit the notes for that item. {OPI-3574}
– 1Browser’s User Agent options now represent the latest versions for each choice.
– Updated our translations with the latest from our incredible translators on Crowdin.

== Fixed ==
– Items can now be copied from a 1Password account that was frozen to other non-frozen vaults. {OPI-3157}
– We now support the “View Password History” permission for 1Password Teams accounts. {OPI-3411}
– Fixed an issue that could cause items with invalid created/updated timestamps from syncing with 1Password accounts. {OPM-4157}
– Fixed an issue where the “New Login” button in the extension was not visible for frozen accounts. {OPI-3547}
– Fixed a rare issue where some Logins were not properly matching to the current web page.

1Password 6 for iOS
1Password 6 for Mac
Agilebit Blog – 1Password for Teams Launch! (2016/06/02)
Agilebit Blog – 1Password 6 beta for Windows opens the door to 1Password Families and 1Password Teams (2016/06/02)

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