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Tweetbot 4.3 for iOS (iPhone/iPad) 複数ツイート連投に便利な「トピック」機能追加など

Tweetbot 4 for iOS

iOS 9向けTwitterクライアントアプリ「Tweetbot 4 for iOS」4.3 がリリースされました。

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4.3 では、特定のテーマに関する複数ツイートを簡単に作成し、リプライとして自動的にまとめられて同じハッシュタグが付加される「トピック」機能が追加されました。




Tweetbot 4 - トピック機能

■Tweetbot 4 for iOS 4.3 (iPhone/iPad)

This release introduces Topics. A Topic is a way to let you quickly Tweet a group of related Tweets without having to manually reply to yourself and/or manually add the same hashtags over and over again. They are really great for rapid fire live Tweeting events.

You can access Topics by tapping the gear menu in the Compose screen. They are also stored in iCloud, so you can start a topic on your iPhone and easily continue it on your iPad and soon Mac.

Other cool stuff
– You can now hide the extra side column on the iPad
– Much better support for hardware keyboards, including using arrow keys to navigate the timeline
– iPad images are no longer super huge
– You can paste images when composing a Tweet, really useful when using GIF (with a hard G) keyboards
– Support for Arabic language, including Right to Left UI
– Muting a user you don’t follow will now also prevent Tweets from that user from showing up in your Mentions, Lists and Searches
– Support for Twitter Collections
– Quoting a Tweet looks much nicer when composing a Tweet
– Support for Firefox browser
– Improved support for uploading video to Twitter
– Fixed an issue where timeline would get stuck

Tweetbot 4 for iOS
Tapbots – Tweetbot

Home > iOS/Android > Tweetbot 4.3 for iOS (iPhone/iPad) 複数ツイート連投に便利な「トピック」機能追加など





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