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Pixelmator 1.0.2 (iPad)

Pixelmator for iPad

iPad向けの画像編集アプリ「Pixelmator」 1.0.2 がリリースされました。

価格: 1,000円
販売元: UAB Pixelmator Team
© 2007-2014 Pixelmator Team

■Pixelmator for iPad 1.0.2 (2014/12/16)
– We’ve made it way easier to rotate objects on canvas
– You can rotate even more precisely with the new Rotate slider in Format > Arrange
– A new Opacity slider to adjust brush tip opacity
– A new Brush Size slider to adjust the Retouch tool tip size
– Remastered brushes altogether to work better with styluses

A slew of fixes to preserve EXIF metadata:
– Image metadata is preserved when using Pixelmator Photo Editing Extension
– Image metadata is preserved when opening and exporting images to Photo Library
– Image metadata is preserved if image is opened from iCloud Drive

A bunch of fixes to improve Photo Editing Extension:
– Remastered Blur effect to work better
– Minimized extension app executable file size to lower memory footprint
– Removed all unnecessary resources so that extension package is even smaller
– The selection drawing performance is way better now
– Sharpen effect performance is greatly improved
– Sharpen/Soften retouching tools’ intensity is improved
– Selection animation now restores correctly when switching between apps
– Removed irrelevant warning about color profiles when exporting PNG or JPG files to Pixelmator iCloud Drive
– Fixed several minor memory leaks
– Improved app launch stability. Please upgrade to iOS 8.1.1, too. If you are still experiencing any issues, please email us at bugs@pixelmator.com.
– Improved compatibility with Pixelmator for Mac shapes
– Improved the Paint Selection tool performance
– Fixed possible crashing issue related to the Paint Selection tool
– Added Traditional Chinese localization

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