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Google、Windows 7/8向けに64ビット版Chrome提供 (Dev channel/Canary build)

  • 2014-06-04 (水) 7:54
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Chrome Canary

GoogleのChrome Release Channelsで、Windows 7/8向け64ビット版「Chrome」(Dev Channel/ Canary Channel) の配布が始まりました。

■Early Access Releases
 - Stable channel (正式版)
 - Beta channel (ベータ版)
 * Dev channel (開発版)
 * Canary build (テスト版)

Google Chrome Canary 動作に関する注意:
Canary はデベロッパーや開発段階の機能に興味があるユーザー向けに設計されており、動作が安定しない可能性があります。

Canary はほぼ毎日更新され、新機能が追加されます。

開発とテストを支援するため、Canary は Chrome 正式リリース版と同時に実行できるようになっています。

■64bit Chrome / Main advantages

  • Speed: 64-bit allows us to take advantage of the latest processor and compiler optimizations, a more modern instruction set, and a calling convention that allows more function parameters to be passed quickly by registers. As a result, speed is improved, especially in graphics and multimedia content, where we see an average 25% improvement in performance.
  • Security: With Chrome able to take advantage of the latest OS features such as High Entropy ASLR on Windows 8, security is improved on 64-bit platforms as well. Those extra bits also help us better defend against exploitation techniques such as JIT spraying, and improve the effectiveness of our existing security defense features like heap partitioning.
  • Stability: Finally, we’ve observed a marked increase in stability for 64-bit Chrome over 32-bit Chrome. In particular, crash rates for the the renderer process (i.e. web content process) are almost half that of 32-bit Chrome.


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Home > Mac/PC > Google、Windows 7/8向けに64ビット版Chrome提供 (Dev channel/Canary build)





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