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Vimeo、新しいVimeo Player提供開始 HTML5デフォルト化、有料コンテンツのレンタル/購入機能追加など

動画配信サービス Vimeo は1月9日(現地時間)、新しい動画ビューア「Vimeo Player」を提供開始しました。

プレイバック機能の高速化や、従来一度切り替える必要があったHTML5 Playerのデフォルト化、さらにプレーヤー上でのVimeo Ondemand有料コンテンツ購入/レンタル対応など、以下の新機能が追加されています。

■New features:

  • Lightning fast playback
    We spent a lot of time optimizing playback, and now videos start way faster. In many cases, videos start in under a second!
  • In-Player Purchasing
    Now anyone can quickly rent or buy a Vimeo On Demand work directly from the embedded trailer, wherever it appears on the Internet.
  • Redesigned Share Screen
    Share to Facebook, Twitter, or by email much more quickly. We also moved the embed code to the share screen to match the behavior on vimeo.com.
  • Integrated Login
    Want to like a video or add it to your Watch Later queue when you’re logged out? No problem! Just click the Like or Watch Later button and we’ll pop up a handy login form.
  • Fully Accessible
    We doubled down on accessibility, with full keyboard navigation and WCAG2AA support, and better support for screen readers. (We have another awesome surprise for you along these lines. Keep reading!).
  • HTML5 by Default
    No more toggling into the HTML player — now everyone who has an HTML5-capable browser gets the HTML player. And when you’re in a modern browser, even if we can’t fully use HTML5, there’s a good chance you’ll get HTML controls. We crunched the numbers and about 65% of you will get the HTML player (we’re pretty sure that we’re now serving more HTML5 video than anyone else).
  • Preference Sync
    Through the magic of HTML5, any preferences that you change in the player (HD, volume, scaling) will change in all players that you have open in your browser. We’ll even automatically pause the currently-playing video if you play another one.
  • More Responsive Than Ever
    Go ahead — resize the player however you want. It’ll look good, no matter the size.
    And there’s one other new thing that I’m incredibly happy to announce:
  • Closed captions & subtitles support!
    Just go to your video’s settings page, upload your caption file, and it will be available in the player. They’re supported in all desktop players, Mobile Safari on iOS 7, Chrome on Android tablets, and Kindle Fire, for now. We’re working hard to bring them to other platforms and devices as soon as we can. Read more about captions and subtitles.

WE’RE NOT BROKE Official Trailer from OnshoreProductions on Vimeo.

Vimeo Staff Blog – Introducing the New Vimeo Player

Home > ネット/Webサービス > Vimeo、新しいVimeo Player提供開始 HTML5デフォルト化、有料コンテンツのレンタル/購入機能追加など





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