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Parallels、Mac/Windows向けアプリをiPad上からリモートタッチ操作できる「Parallels Access」

Parallels Access

Parallelsは8月27日、MacやWindows向けアプリをiPadからリモートアクセスして使用できる「Parallels Access」を発表。iPadアプリ「Parallels Access」やWindows/Mac向けエージェントアプリをリリースしました。

 Windows版(β): Windows 7/8。ベータ期間中無料。
 Mac版: OS X Lion(10.7)以降。Mountain Lion(10.8)や次期Mavericks(10.9)にも対応。

Parallels Access Agent for Mac

App Launcherにより、Windows/Mac各アプリをiPadアプリを使っているかのように起動し、App Switcherで各アプリ間をタップ操作で切り替えることができます。

■Key features and capabilities of Parallels Access include:

  • App Launcher: Start any desktop application, Windows or Mac, as if it were made for an iPad
  • App Switcher: Switch between desktop applications with ease, literally going from app-to-app in a tap
  • iPad native select and drag: Select words and graphics with one finger, on Mac or Windows applications, then drag, drop and go
  • iPad native copy and paste: Select and copy from your desktop and paste it anywhere – between iPad apps, or even from desktop to desktop
  • SmartTap and magnifying glass: Tap with precision inside your desktop applications, so you never miss a thing
  • iPad native scroll for desktop applications: It’s scrolling that just works
  • Desktop keyboard on iPad: Shows up just when you need it, contains Windows and Command keys too
  • Full screen for desktop applications: Maximize your screen real estate on the iPad, use every inch of your Retina® display
  • Unmatched access: Even with low bandwidth, Parallels Access makes it work

Parallels Desktop for Macなどを使って、iPadからParallels Desktop上の仮想Windows他も使えるみたい。


Parallels Access
Parallels – Parallels® Access™ for iPad® “Applifies” Mac and Windows Applications, Letting Customers Experience Them as if They Were Made for iPad
Parallels – パラレルス、MacとWindowsアプリケーションをiPad上で使用可能にする新製品、Parallels Access for iPad を発表

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