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Google、Web検索や地図などのページデザイン変更 上部メニュー統一などシームレスな利用に


まずは、Google SearchGoogle MapsGmail で変更が行われ、ページ上部が黒いメニューバーに。選択メニュー (サービス) には赤いバーが表示されるように共通化されています。その他ところどころ変更されていますが、全面的に大きく変わったわけではないので気づきにくいかも。

以下の新しいGoogleホームページ (英語版) では、ロゴが小さくなり、検索以外のリンクが上下端にまとめられ、シンプルなデザインになっています。



  • Focus: Whether you’re searching, emailing or looking for a map, the only thing you should be concerned about is getting what you want. Our job is to provide the tools and features that will get you there quickly and easily. With the design changes in the coming weeks and months, we’re bringing forward the stuff that matters to you and getting all the other clutter out of your way. Even simple changes, like using bolder colors for actionable buttons or hiding navigation buttons until they’re actually needed, can help you better focus on only what you need at the moment.
  • Elasticity: In the early days, there was pretty much just one way to use Google: on a desktop computer with an average-sized monitor. Over a decade later, all it takes is a look around one’s home or office at the various mobile devices, tablets, high-resolution monitors and TVs to see a plethora of ways to access the web. The new design will soon allow you to seamlessly transition from one device to another and have a consistent visual experience. We aim to bring you this flexibility without sacrificing style or usefulness.
  • Effortlessness: Our design philosophy is to combine power with simplicity. We want to keep our look simple and clean, but behind the seemingly simple design, use new technologies like HTML5, WebGL and the latest, fastest browsers to make sure you have all the power of the web behind you.

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Home > ネット/Webサービス > Google、Web検索や地図などのページデザイン変更 上部メニュー統一などシームレスな利用に





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