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PayPal 3.0 (iPhone/iPod touch) ※JPストア非公開

PayPal公式iPhoneアプリ「PayPal – PayPal」(無料)が 3.0 にアップデートされました。日本語対応。
注意:以前公開されていたPayPalアプリは、日本のApp Storeで一時的に非公開となっています。USなどのApp Storeでダウンロードできます。
 →Togetter: Paypal 個人間送金停止問題について

What’s new 3.0

  • Receive notifications instantly on your iPhone for account activity updates, including sending or receiving money, making a purchase, or requesting money
  • Control the length of time you remain logged into the application
  • With our new help center, you’re just a tap away from FAQ’s and customer service contact info
  • Don’t have a PayPal account? Signup is fast and easy, right from the app
  • Use the PayPal local feature to find businesses nearby that accept PayPal and Bling tags

*Free to send money within the US when you use Bank or Balance as a funding source.

NEW on The PayPal blog: PayPal Teaming Up with USAA Bank for Person to Person Payments: http://bit.ly/ahzjJbTue Oct 26 02:38:23 via web

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Home > iOS/Android > PayPal 3.0 (iPhone/iPod touch) ※JPストア非公開





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