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Kotoba! (Japanese dictionary) 2.3

JMDICTベースのマルチリンガルなiPhone/iPod touch向け日本語辞書「Kotoba! (Japanese dictionary)」(無料)が 2.3 にアップデートされました。

What’s new 2.3

  • Multi-radical: results sorted by frequency of the kanji, joyo kanji also now stand-out in orange in the result view, new colors to match the app color scheme
  • New preferences to activate romaji for dictionary/examples/kanji independently
  • If searching a kanji yields no dictionary result, default to kanji result in the dictionary view (this happens often when picking kanjis from the multi-radical display)
  • Added an option to always display the kanji breakdown in the dictionary search result view
  • Added SKIP kanji look-up support (Jack Halpern’s method), read the help for more details
  • Bushu radical lists now categorised by stroke count of the radical
  • Italian example phrases
  • In the bushu radical look-up of the kanji menu, switching between joyo, top 2500, jlpt and All would take ages, it is now efficient

Kotoba! (Japanese dictionary) Kotoba! (Japanese dictionary)

Home > iOS/Android > Kotoba! (Japanese dictionary) 2.3





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