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Tweetie for Mac 1.2 動画の記録やアップロード対応

  • 2009-05-27 (水) 18:37
  • Mac/PC

Mac OS X用Twitterアプリ「Tweetie」($19.95)が 1.2 にアップデートしました。

Version 1.2:

– Record and tweet videos from your iSight
– Drag and drop video uploads
– Fix URL shortening for some URLs
– Handle tinyarro.ws and funky ✪-style links
– Restored selection style
– "Back" three finger swipe gesture on supported trackpads
– Improved Growl notifications
– Limit 64-bit to 10.6+ (improves launch time on 10.5 systems, and prevents instability for those of you with nasty 32-bit-only hacks installed on your systems *cough *cough*)
– Fixed occasional problem with compose countdown

Tweetie for Mac
Tweetie Tweetie
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Home > Mac/PC > Tweetie for Mac 1.2 動画の記録やアップロード対応





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